OneTribe FitnesswithShelby, Katie, Barbie, and Andrea

Shelby Liebler Presents:

Since Jul 2011

Shake it with Shelby

Shelby has been certified in Zumba fitness since August of 2011.  She is a 7th grade English and Health teacher by day, and a Zumba instructor in her evenings.  Her main goal is to make everyone just have fun!

Krank it with Katie

Katie has been certified in Zumba fitness since the Spring of 2013.  She is a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl by day, and a zumba instructor in the evenings.

Andrea Fleming

Andrea is a long-time Zumba instructor with a great following.  She has experience running many zumbathons and other great fitness events.  She was married in May of 2016.  

All our instructors work together to choreograph songs for each class.   While each instructor has their own uniqueness, they feel it is important to show unity in dance!  They will always provide you with a high energy and ego boosting workout!  That's our promise!

Barbie Morrisey

Barbie is an inspiration to all she meets.  She has overcome her own struggles with weight and fitness.  Her drive to show people how to be healthy is imperative to our mission!


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    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.